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Substation Audits and Protection Grading, Comprehensive Protection Relay Testing, Motor Protection, C.T. Mag Curve Ratio and Burden, Protection Mal-operation Forensic Invest.


Ratio, Winding Resistance, Tap changer, Tan Delta, Polarization Index, Vector Group, Oil Analysis and Frequency Responce Analysis (FRA).


Circuit Breaker Speed Testing, Overvoltage Pressure Test, Static and Dynamic Contact Resistance Testing, Speed, Timing and Travel Testing, Trip and Close Coil Testing, Busbar Testing, Large Power User Metering Audits ...


Overvoltage Pressure Testing, Cable Fault Location and Diagnostics, Cable Sheath Fault Location, Tan Delta, Partial Discharge Testing and Location, Cable Tracing and Identification.


Earth Continuity Testing, Ground Resistance, Earth Electrode Receptivity, Step and Touch.


Battery Life and Fault Detection, Battery Earth Fault Detection, Battery Impedance Tests.

TD & PD Diagnostics

Online PD, Offline PD, Offline TD testing, TEV & Acoustic PD

Oil Cable Leak Location

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Full Burden testing of multi ratio CTs
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Oil degasifying of Cables
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Analysis of CT Knee Points
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CT Testing
Portfolio Item 5

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Battery Impedance Testing
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Transformer Commissioning
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33kV Cable Diagnostics
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Busbar testing
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SFRA Testing of Transformers
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Cables VLF Testing
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Online and Offline PD Monitoring of MV, HV and EHV Cables
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Cable Fault Location

About Us

Commissioning and Auditing Services

HVTest Services offers onsite and factory testing of MV, HV and EHV networks in Utilities, Power Stations, Mines, Refineries and Heavy industry within Southern Africa and branching out to most of the African countries where our services are required.
These testing services includes the testing of Cables, Transformers, CT/VT’s, Circuit Breakers, Switchgear, Protection Relays, Sub stations and Motors/Generators.

Our technical expertise across all sectors of HV Testing is rivaled by few.

HV Test has the largest stock holding of testing instruments which are regularly upgraded and replaced to ensure HV Test Services uses the most modern and latest technology available on the market.
HV Test prides itself by implementing, referencing and consulting on various international standards which include: IEEE, IEC and SANS. These standards form the basis of all testing performed, be it pre-commissioning, commissioning, maintenance or for breakdown outages.

The HVTest team is passionate, dedicated, knowledgeable and delivers professional and 24/7 365 day on time service with concise and accurate reporting as standard.

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17 Gaiety Ave, Robindale, Randburg, Gauteng, 2194 South Africa P.O. Box 651287,Benmore 2010 South Africa +27 11 782 1010 services@hvtest.co.za