How does using the HV Test PFT oil leak location solution differ to the Freezing technique?


For the Freezing Method


    • Multiple freezes are needed to detect a leak with this traditional method.
    • Cable has to be off-line during the freezing process which leads to a loss of revenue.
    • Freezing damages the outer insulating jacket, could result in water entering the cable which causes corrosion and may lead to further leaks.
    • Damage to adjacent cables during the excavation to prepare a work space to freeze the cable is also a possibility.
    • Damage or disruption to adjacent water, sewer, gas, telecom and other power cables during the excavation to prepare a work space to freeze. the cable is also a possibility.
    • Some leaks can take up to a year to locate with the Freezing method.
    • Some cables CANT be “frozen”.
    • Pin pointing a leak is almost impossible.


With the HV Test PFT Leak location Method:


    • Cable can remain operational during the PFT leak location process.
    • No excavation is required during the PFT leak location process.
    • There is no damage to any part (including the outer sheath) of the cable.
    • Due to no excavation until time to repair the located leak there is materially less possibility of damage adjacent cables or other services.
    • Average time taken from call out to pin pointing of over 400 leaks has been 8 hours.
    • Pinpointing of a leak to within a meter is a reality.
    • Location of multiple leaks on the same cable section is not a problem.




From an Engineering and Environmental perspective


    • PFT Leak location reduces the time taken to locate leaks from months to hours.
    • PFT leak location is no way damages or compromises any part or aspect of the oil cable.
    • Material reduction in likelihood of damage or disruption to other cables and utilities in the vicinity of the leaking oil cable.
    • All the associated saving and benefits and asset security by pinpointing a leak to within 1 meter.
    • Total end cost of PFT should be less than freezing.
    • Any environmental damage and associated penalties are limited due to the ability to leak locate within hours as opposed to weeks or months.
    • Cable can remain operation and generating revenue while leak location is ongoing.
    • Finding leaks faster and without damaging the oil cable in anyway reduces the amount of oil required to support oil cables.
    • The cable life and cable reliability is extended.





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